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Detailed explanation of extrusion process and extrusion process_Characteristics
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The extrusion process is to achieve the purpose of extrusion and preliminary modeling of the rubber material through the action of the barrel wall of the extruder and the screw part. The extrusion process is also called the extrusion process.


  The main equipment of the extrusion process is an extruder. The extrusion characteristics of several rubbers:

  Natural rubber is extruded fast and the shrinkage rate of semi-finished products is small. Body temperature 50-60℃, nose 70-80℃, mouth shape 80-90℃;

  The extrusion speed of styrene butadiene rubber is slow, the compression deformation is large, the surface is rough, the body temperature is 50-70℃, the head temperature is 70-80℃, and the mouth temperature is 100-105℃;

  The neoprene does not need to be fully heated before being extruded, the body temperature is 50°C, and the mouth shape is 70°C;

  Ethylene-propylene rubber has a fast extrusion speed and a small shrinkage rate. The body temperature is 60-70℃, the head temperature is 80-130℃, and the mouth shape is 90-140℃.

  Nitrile rubber has poor extruding performance, so it should be fully heated when extruding. The body temperature is 50-60℃, and the head temperature is 70-80℃.