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What are the internal and external factors that affect the quality of silicone p
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1. The external factors affecting the quality of silicone products include :

  1. Appearance of silicone products. The appearance of the product is very important. It is necessary for people to express the desire to have when they look at it. This clarifies that the color of a silicone product is very important. , When debugging the color, try to make the color more obvious.

  2. The hand feel of silicone products is not to mention the hand feel. The product should not be rough to the touch. The surface smoothness must be high and comfortable to the touch. Therefore, the raw materials and oil spray are very important. The raw materials should not be mixed. Materials cannot be processed with expired or inferior raw materials.

  2. The internal elements of the quality of high-quality silicone products:

  1. Selection of raw materials Whether the materials can produce qualified products, whether the content of silicone oil in the raw materials will be excessive, and the silicone oil affects the aging rate of the product and the viscosity of dust.

  2. The use of vulcanizing agent The use of vulcanizing agent can change the functions of silica gel products. The selection of different vulcanizing agents for mixing will cause the product to appear deformed, function off the shelf, lack of resistance and so on. So to sum it up,Silicone rubber productsIf the manufacturer can do a good job both inside and outside the product, then the sales and popularity of natural products in the mall will increase!