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What to do if white spots appear in the production of thicker silicone products
Time : 2020-07-19 03:40:02 Hits :

1. The first difference is solid hot press molding or liquid rubber injection molding; because the production process and equipment of the two are different;

  2. Is there a vacuum after the rubber compound is added with a vulcanizing agent;

  3. Whether the dosage of vulcanizing agent is sufficient (it can be tensile tested after one molding);

  4. The vulcanization temperature is too high and the time is too short;

  5. The mixing time of the silicone rubber is not enough, the mixing is uneven, whether the additives are completely dispersed, whether there is agglomeration;

  6. Whether there is mold sticking phenomenon.

  The above views on the problems and solutions of silicone products are for reference only; for more silicone products production problems, please continue to pay attention to us.