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Is there a relationship between silica gel hardness and silica gel content?
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 Hardness is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of silica gel. Generally speaking, the higher the rubber content, the lower the hardness. The hardness of silica gel mainly adopts the Shore hardness standard, and the tester also adopts the Shore hardness tester. The hardness varies from 0 to 100 degrees, and the hardness is different according to the function of the product. Silicone products have different hardness according to the process, and the process has two processes: liquid and solid.

  1. The liquid silicone process can be used to make "low-grade" silicone rubber products, such as 0 to 20 degrees, even if you get it on hand, it is very viscous. Such silicone products are usually rare, and it is particularly expensive to develop a set of liquid silicone molds. For a few people, it usually costs tens of thousands of dollars. Most liquid processes are performed at around 10 to 20 degrees. For some silicone rubber products produced with liquid technology, the silicone products made with liquid technology are not easy to disassemble, and due to material reasons, the edge of the product will not be smooth. Therefore, the liquid process is suitable for low-order silicone products and does not require very strict self-assembly. Recommended liquid silicone products: silicone nipple

  2. Solid state process. At present, the minimum softness of the solid silica gel process is about 30 degrees and the maximum degree is 80 degrees. Although it can reach a higher degree, the failure rate is too high, the product is very brittle, and it is not easy to disassemble by itself. Therefore, the optimum softness and hardness for the solid state process is between 30 and 70 degrees. Can not make softer products, but self-unloading edges are better, the product appearance is beautiful, no burrs.