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Why do bubbles appear on the surface of silicone products
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 The most important thing is to consider the problem of the silicone vulcanization process. After carefully studying and practicing the three elements of silicone vulcanization, we should consider: 1. Measure the real mold temperature. 2. How many parts of rubber vulcanizing agent is added? 3. Whether the vulcanizing agent is invalid, the rubber material of the film is covered with a film. The specific operation method is as follows:

  1. Control the temperature of the silicone mold: Generally, the upper mold temperature is high and the lower mold temperature is low, because the lower mold needs to be discharged, and the temperature is too high to burn easily.

  2. The problem of vulcanizing agent volatilization, everyone knows that vulcanizing agent is volatile, so you must take precautions.

  3. The dosage of vulcanizing agent should be suitable.

  4. The vulcanization time can be appropriately extended,

  5. You can consider spraying an aqueous solution of detergent.

  The above solutions for bubbles appearing on the surface of silicone products are for reference only. For more about the process of silicone, please continue to pay attention to us.